Thursday, July 29, 2010

i love laura

News in Graceland:

- At work I am currently attempting to listen to the 2776 songs on my iPod all the way through. I have learnt several things from this, 1. I have heaps of bad songs on my iPod. 2. I have no patience to listen to crap songs. 3. My songs all differ very dramatically in volume!
- I saw Inception last night. Argh – made my brain hurt. Very good though. But I had some strange dreams last night that were very disjointed because I kept on waking up going ‘ahhh! Get out of my mind!
- I think I’ve been wearing loads of good outfits lately but I haven’t had time to photograph them! On a work day I would usually photograph them during my lunchbreak or after work, but now that I go to the gym after work I can’t do that, and I’ve been busy doing tax things and crap like that all week. Boohoo! I’ll just have to wear them again.
- I’m going to Sydney again tomorrow! This will be the first time that I drive all the way into Sydney by myself, ergh, and I’ve bought a GPS for the experience. I got very confused in Dick Smith and ended up choosing a GPS based on how pretty it was and the enthusiasm of the voice on it. I also laughed for about 10 minutes at the lights because it was raining and I said to mum ‘My tomtom is getting wet!’ (tomtom is the GPS brand) and he decided it sounded rude. Oh, I’m so intelligent :p
- I SEE LAURA MARLING ON MONDAY! Ahhhh, so excited. Do you think she would respond well if I told her that I’d been naming blog posts after her for several months? Probably not. I have a serious woman crush on Laura Marling.
- Whenever I drive long distance I always say to myself ‘wear a really cool outfit because surely you’ll see an amazing location and take outfit photos there’ but I can never be bothered interrupting the flow of travelling to do so. But I was thinking that instead of going to McDonalds as per usual for a break I might instead bring a sandwich and stop in a pretty spot to take photos (as I typed that I was going to myself: that’s highly unlikely grace and you know it. Oh well!)

What’s going on with all of you? Tell me! I always ask questions and no one ever replies hahaha. I’m not just being polite I actually want to know!

In other news, here is yet another photo booth piece, this was just one we did for fun and I like it. Hopefully after I return from Sydney I’ll have something more exciting to show you!


maggeygrace said...

I love your blog and I just read every single word! Haha, I'm usually lazy to follow my favorite blogs, but I'm going to try to find the button and follow because you read my mind in this post about a thousand times and it's so fun to read. Recently, iii have been trying to play every song on my ipod but unfortunately, I have 4300 or so, and it's kind of turning out to be impossible. During the school year, I wore so many outfits that I thought were wonderfully stylish, but I didn't have the time to photo them! It's sad. Inception is amazzzzzing!! I have a woman crush on Ellen Page!! ALSO I LOVE LAURA MARLINGGG!! The birds are singing to calm us downn...:)

Sorry for the novel of this comment. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

Enter my giveaway if you wanna :) It's probably better worth your time than even reading this blog comment. 5 dresses! $100!!!


Robyn said...

The first one about your ipod made me laugh out loud. My boyfriend is now looking at me strangely from across the room.

Amber Rose said...

I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog- you are too adorable! And the ipod thing made me laugh as well! That alone is enough to make me follow :)

Amber Rose of