Thursday, July 29, 2010

i love laura

News in Graceland:

- At work I am currently attempting to listen to the 2776 songs on my iPod all the way through. I have learnt several things from this, 1. I have heaps of bad songs on my iPod. 2. I have no patience to listen to crap songs. 3. My songs all differ very dramatically in volume!
- I saw Inception last night. Argh – made my brain hurt. Very good though. But I had some strange dreams last night that were very disjointed because I kept on waking up going ‘ahhh! Get out of my mind!
- I think I’ve been wearing loads of good outfits lately but I haven’t had time to photograph them! On a work day I would usually photograph them during my lunchbreak or after work, but now that I go to the gym after work I can’t do that, and I’ve been busy doing tax things and crap like that all week. Boohoo! I’ll just have to wear them again.
- I’m going to Sydney again tomorrow! This will be the first time that I drive all the way into Sydney by myself, ergh, and I’ve bought a GPS for the experience. I got very confused in Dick Smith and ended up choosing a GPS based on how pretty it was and the enthusiasm of the voice on it. I also laughed for about 10 minutes at the lights because it was raining and I said to mum ‘My tomtom is getting wet!’ (tomtom is the GPS brand) and he decided it sounded rude. Oh, I’m so intelligent :p
- I SEE LAURA MARLING ON MONDAY! Ahhhh, so excited. Do you think she would respond well if I told her that I’d been naming blog posts after her for several months? Probably not. I have a serious woman crush on Laura Marling.
- Whenever I drive long distance I always say to myself ‘wear a really cool outfit because surely you’ll see an amazing location and take outfit photos there’ but I can never be bothered interrupting the flow of travelling to do so. But I was thinking that instead of going to McDonalds as per usual for a break I might instead bring a sandwich and stop in a pretty spot to take photos (as I typed that I was going to myself: that’s highly unlikely grace and you know it. Oh well!)

What’s going on with all of you? Tell me! I always ask questions and no one ever replies hahaha. I’m not just being polite I actually want to know!

In other news, here is yet another photo booth piece, this was just one we did for fun and I like it. Hopefully after I return from Sydney I’ll have something more exciting to show you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minnie the moocher

Another to add to my photobooth series: Rosemary


I've had a very emotional day :p I did my tax. Sigh. Excrutiating process. If you haven't seen the episode of Black Books where Bernard tries to do his tax then please, do.
Anyway, nonetheless, I have... wait for it... $98 coming my way! Hahahaha.

In other news, I woke up to today, got dressed and started looking for my brown oxfords that I took away to Sydney with me on the weekend. None the less... I couldn't find them.
I went to mother, have you got my oxfords?
No, she said, aren't they in your bag?
No, I say, I thought you packed them.

AHHHHH! I realise I've left my brown oxfords in the hotel. Stupid stupid stupid Grace.
Mother called the hotel - no, we don't have any lost property for that room.
*Insert hysterical weeping from Grace*

But... I called just then and THEY FOUND THEM!

Woooohoooo! I'm dancing a happy happy dance.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Light and shade

I would very much like to do some sort of photography tips tutorial on how to get this nice soft, shaded lighting when doing portraits.
But I'm not really sure how I did it.

This is a Page 3 Girl I took yesterday for the paper... I think I may know how to get that shading but I'll ponder it a little bit longer before posting any tips because I don't want to be wrong!

Monday, July 26, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10

I've started doing a series of these photo booth shoots. They're pretty easy to do, funny, and I think they make are a nice snapshot of someone's personality.
In saying that, last night when doing them I started putting on music and the music drastically affects the photo mood!

Here's Steph

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rockin til the break of day

Hello all!

I'm back from Sydney, wooo, so tired. My weekend was good, much walking and looking at things and learning about learning. Vague = I'll explain later.

I did make some exciting purchases which will be feature over the next few weeks, huzzah!

I also finally bought The Sartorialist book and after looking through it all decided... several things.
a. whenever I'm in a big city like Sydney I'm just going to have to look outstanding because of my secret want to be photographed Scott Schuman even know I know how ridiculously unlikely that is especially because when I'm in Sydney I usually look like more of a hag than usual
b. as much as I really like the book and the blog, I had a few issues. The first being that there was only one picture of a woman that was heavier, and she was about 60-ish. He went on next to her picture about how size etc shouldn't effect people's fashion sense and style, yet every girl that was in the book was ridiculously thin. I couldn't help but find that when he talking about how fashion is for everyone (including the girl on the cover who has a limp because one of her legs is drastically shorter than the other) yet the book was mostly filled with women who looked like they should be on the catwalk.
I just don't find it very encouraging for the sort of women and teenage girls that are going to be looking through the book, some of them a bit bigger or curvier, and they have no one to relate to in there except a 60-year-old eccentric.
(In saying that, the book was released a bit ago, he's probably compensated for that but I'm just a bit behind in the times!)
c. this is less of a criticism and more of a... how it doesn't quite relate to me thing. (Nice wording there Grace). Scott says in the book how it's a documentation of all style, rich to poor, and he's right there is a large range... but it's mostly people wearing italian tailored suits or Prada. It really is a style file as told by a man very high in the fashion world in America.
In saying that, it's hard to be completely objective, if I was doing street photography I would have a particular focus and so would everyone. But I just thought I'd point that out.
d. in saying all that, I still really like the book because it's a bit of a style file and I plan on using it to help me when I don't know what to wear in the morning. Open up a random page and get inspired!

What does everyone else think of the Sartorialist?

Anyway, enough ranting! After Steph's make-up related blog post yesterday I decided to try and do a minimalist version of it today for work. It was a bit of a failure, it seems 10 minutes isn't enough to do exessive eye makue-up and my eyeshadow stays on for about 30 minutes before it all fades off.
Anyway, so I thought I would a. show my terrible attempt at more eyeshadow, and b. show my new beanie! I always like it when Steph wears her beanies with a lot of eye make up so I thought I'd give it a try.
I would like to point out though, my eyes are quite set back in my head so I have to half close my eyes and raise my eyebrows to even see any eye make-up I have on!

Beanie from Sportsgirl

(Steph you're probably looking at these going... what's Grace talking about, she doesn't have any eyeshadow on. It was a petty attempt. I'll try harder next time :p)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

100th blog post!

This post is my 100th ever blog post, YAY!

I'm pretty happy to hit this benchmark, 100 posts isn't bad if I don't say so myself. My blogging has changed alot in those 100 posts, from when I started just posting one strange picture of a heart-shaped mint that I was about to eat, to posting full photo shoots and outfit posts.
I'm very glad to say I have 32 followers and would like to thank all my followers and commenters for giving me all the positive feedback, you rule!
One thing I'm quite proud of since I started this blog is how much I've started paying more attention to what I wear, and that I can actually take alright self portraits now with an SLR. Whooppeee.

Anyway, enough of the blubbering.

I've been saving this outfit post for a little while because I liked it alot, the outfit isn't particularly exciting but I liked the photos.

This outfit is actually inspired by Maria from Lulu Letty, she's always wearing these bowler hats so when I was sorting my outfit out for the shoot I thought 'why not do a Maria?'. I've obviously added my own less stylish touch to it all :p

I painted this t-shirt myself, ones like it will be going in my etsy shop soon along with my new range of t-shirts (when I get some time to paint them!)

I feel like I have so much I want to do at the moment, and no time to do it!
I've joined the gym and am trying to go there five days a week when I can.
I have my etsy shop which only has three items in it, and I'm trying to get more for it!
I want to start a small Zine.
I'm working 6 days a week.
I'm doing as many photoshoots as I can fit in.
I'm going to Sydney for the next two weekends in a row.
My weekly dance class started up again.
I'm trying to eat healthier.
I want to join a choir.
I want to take singing lessons.
I want to start a radio program.
I want to learn a language.
I want to do a little exhibition with someone.
I want to take more photos.
I want to buy more clothes.
I want to sew clothes.
I want to paint on clothes.
I want to blog more.
I want to save money.
AHHHH! So much stuff to do.
But it's all good, I'll find time for it all eventually. Only problem is I'm spending so much time not doing it, and instead cutting pictures of clothes out of magazines and sticking them in my journal while watching Seinfeld :p

Cheerio and thanks for the support so far everyone :)

I plan on doing photoshoots whenever I can, so expect much more from me here!

Currently inspiring me

This is my desktop at work at the moment and it just makes me feel so... enlightened!

Source: Frankie

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photobooth fun

Monday, July 19, 2010

At the Copa, Copacobana

These are just some old photos I found that I took of Rennie. We were on holiday somewhere in the south-coast region and went for a walk with my Fuji prosumer to take some snaps. She's pretty!

She cut off all that beautiful hair! But it was for the World's Greatest Shave for the Leukemia Foundation so it's all good.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

There's a boy across the river

I took photos with Vinnie yesterday. We were trying to get some 'fashion' type shots, like I've been meaning to for ages.

We started off in my favourite forest around this area, which was slightly creepy but still good.

In the middle of this very creepy forest we found this clearing of trees which was just full of Devil's Snare, and whenever I laughed the echo just went ooonnn.

After a bit of driving and getting lost we found this forest, I can't remember if we decided it was the enchanted forest or the forbidden forest. Anyway, because it's been quite rainy here there was actually a flowing stream in the middle of this forest which I thought was beeaaauuttifful. I honestly think I need to have that sound of flowing water around me all the time, it's so peaceful.

(I think Vinnie is actually half blinking here, but I still liked the photo.)

And then we moved into town and just loitered around in front of some houses.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photography tips: locations

Location, location, location
Photography, in my opinion, is made up of these factors:

There might be more, but right now, I think that describes a photo well.

I’ve covered some of those aspects, and today I think I will go into... location!

When I read popular photographers FAQs they’re often asked, ‘Where do you find your locations?’ and I think that’s because it can really really influence a photo. I rarely think a photo that I’ve taken is good if I’m not happy with the location.
Sometimes you have to work with the location you’re given, like when you’re taking a picture of someone in their environment, but a lot of the time you have free reign to find your own location to shoot the photo.
It took me a while to figure out which locations work and which don’t for me, and I think it’s different for everyone. Sometimes I’ll be driving with a friend and I’ll see a location and ignore it, but they’ll go ‘there’s a spot!’ and I’ll think... really? But I think a photographer works well when they can visualise how the photo will work in that location.

So this week I'll start on finding your location.

My first tip would be to drive around a lot looking for them, or if you don’t drive, walk. Just keep a constant look-out for things that look photo-friendly. It can be as simple as a fence covered in vines or a broken down house.

Figure out if your model is going to be involved with the location or just standing in front of it/in it.
Here are some examples.

If your model isn’t particularly confident then sometimes it’s better to have them interacting with the location to give them something to do. E.g. they could be leaning on a wall, sitting on a park bench, peering through a window, etc. Or sometimes it just makes your model more comfortable, or makes things look less posed.

In these photos we just got the model to sit on a park bench, swing or in the case of the third one, brought along a hammock and set it up over the stream!

If your model is comfortable just standing or sitting without anything in particular to do, then you can always try the ‘standing in front of’ option.

One problem I encountered at first was seeing a landscape that I thought was nice, and then trying to put a model in front of it. The landscape would have been beautiful as a landscape picture, but as a portrait, you can hardly see the landscape, especially if you’re standing back and zooming in on the model.

You really just have to consider how much of the landscape is going to be seen.

In the case of this photo of Zoe, it doesn’t matter if you can only see a portion of the landscape, it just sets the general mood. As long as you can see that there are misty trees in the background then it works nice and well.

As this photo of Olivia, alleyways can work really well because the walls on the sides of the alleys will lead you into where the model is standing.

If anyone is keen then I can go more into landscapes if you'd like another week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.

As I mentioned last post, on Saturday Richard, Rosemary and I (and Steph later on) got together to take some photos. I've been meaning to do some fashion shoots, and I planned for this one to be a bit of a fashion shoot but that failed miserably and it turned into... something completely different. But nonetheless, at least I'm taking photos with more than one person in them, where the photo isn't about the person's personality.

Richard's dad has a huge collection of vintage goods in their attic and we went up there first. So the day pretty much turned into a vintage inspired extravaganza. We were taking pictures at Richard's house which just happens to look like the set of a Jane Austen adaptation.

With the combination of all the props and 'don't be yourself!' comments from me, my strange directions, and the fact that Richard and Rosemary naturally have very theatrical or dramatic personalities, turned the whole thing into a bit of a promo shoot for a theatre play. Haha! But that's alright, another one to put in the portfolio.

(Ridiculous directions from Grace #11: Put on this fur, hold this wine glass, come up into this attic and pretend you're a housewife welcoming people into your home. No, be angrier. No... be less angry. Good.)

After the attic got a bit too hot and dusty for us we headed down to the tennis courts for a game or two, and then I took some pictures.

I think a combination of tiredness, wine and my annoyance with the camera misbehaving made everyone get a bit...


And then we went back to serious.

(kind of?)

And then Steph arrived, but the general non-working of my photos ended up with me lying on the ground snapping pictures without looking at the camera... and then they took it away from me.

(I think this one was taken by Rosemary?)

Generally a good day, I think!

Thanks to Steph, Rosemary and Richard!

P.s. I'm ready Sense and Sensibility at the moment, I've never actually put in a good effort to read Jane Austen before, I always just watch the mini series. Terrible of me, really.