Sunday, June 6, 2010

To do list

- Exercise.

- Get time off from work for Washington next week.

- Figure out why alcohol no longer seems to work on me.

- Wear amazing new dress.

- Take fashion photography shots.

- Put first Laura Marling CD in car, repeating I Speak Because I Can, although still amazing, is getting slightly monotonous.

- Upload all the photos to Facebook. All the photos.

- Get haircut.

- Do not get more layers. Layers bad.

- Do major computer clean and re-install system so can install new versions of things that aren’t 4 years old.

- Find top for tripod.

- Get rid of pelican neck. #1 on list.

- Do my other To Do List.

- Start packing lunches and stop eating pies every day.

- Possibly to photo series on orange night life. Opinions?

- Save money.

- Stop giving all money away to various people/clothing stores/cake shops.

- Buy new day-to-day hand bag (although have no money) as people tell me ‘backpack’ is unprofessional. As stylish as backpack is.

- Fix car. Front broken.

- Buy p-plates. Breaking law.

- Do better blog posts.

- Spend more time doing things, less time making lists.

1 comment:

Mitzi Cocoa said...

This is a very detailed and slightly overwhelming list! I should make one of my own.