Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quintessential Orange

It's taken me awhile, but I'm finally doing a post about the exhibition that some of you may remember me raving about.
So, there is this exhibition running at the moment, curated by Vince Lovecchio, featuring 8 professional photographers from my area, and I am one of them! The reason I am is because I work for a newspaper, and thus get paid to take photos, and therefor am a 'professional'.
Anywho, the idea is that we were taking photos that described something about our area, and I chose to feature the young people!

Here are a few shots from the night taken by photographer, Rodney Shrimpton.

In the photos is me, and two of my 'models' Steph from If I Only Were A Goth and Rosemary from Oh, Valencia (I don't really know if she used that blog anymore, but that's where she is!)

My outfit for the night was:
Necklace from Baja Design
Black wedges from Big W

And I thought I'd post all of my photos that featured on the night here so you can have a look! Each photo was accompanied by a statement from the subject, and I'll include that because someone commmented to me recently that they thought they were quite good!

“I like to learn and to read, to write, to sing, to listen to music and make music, to look at art and clothes, to make art and clothes, and also to learn languages and travel. I like theatre, I love opera, I like movies made between the early 1920s and the early 50s, a few new ones too. I’m happiest when I have ideas and plans and put them into action in real life. Did I mention travel?”

“For me painting is a form of expression. Being able to create emotion or tell a story is what inspires me to paint. I like painting as it allows me to show things that I have seen, experienced and dreamed, as well as perspectives that others may have not seen before.”

“If you think that in life you no longer know how to feel alive, try standing barefoot outside in Orange during winter for 10 minutes. The answer should arrive shortly.”

“Orange is similar to most places in terms of style, particularly that of younger people, in that there will always be a more socially accepted ‘norm’ and the minority who flutter a little closer to the fringe.
“That dynamic will always exist – no matter where you are – and in smaller towns and cities it will always be more difficult for you if you don’t fit a certain mould. Orange is a lot luckier than others in that it has a large arts and music scene, and with a more cultured population comes more acceptance and more room to experiment.”

“Music is pretty much everything I live for. My whole family is musical in one way or another and we love playing together. Music is the language of us all!”

“Nothing beats fitting yourself and fifty of yours friends into a hammock on a warm summer’s day. I love the laid back environment of Orange, especially at Lake Canobolas when you take multiple car loads filled with eskies and inhale the scent of your sausages when you give them a turn.”

"I love Orange because I grew up here and my family and friends are around. I just love wandering around parts of the area, it’s so bright and colourful especially in the autumn.
I like the parks, especially in daffodil season it’s so beautiful! And I don’t mind the chilly winters either, in fact I love them, I think they make for excellent fun!
Oh, and I love balloons. A lot."

“I believe that once you have made a connection, forged a friendship with another person in the adventure that is your life, that this bond can never be broken. The community and warmth of Orange reflects this ideal and enhances the depths and branches of friendship.”

“I like to long board and giggle with friends in O-town. P.S. Everyone should smile and giggle.”

"I just wish that everyone would chill out more."

“Every day an artist gets up and knows he has to run. He has to run faster than the distant fragments of our time, faster than the voices hemming him in, telling him that however much he thinks, imagines, writes or communicates, the system has already found a new way of drowning him out.
“Every day an artist gets up and knows he has to run. What he doesn’t know, perhaps, is that he doesn’t have to run …alone”.

“I love to DJ. It’s a very giving thing, and you get so much back. It’s amazing to see hundreds of people move to the beat of your music. The idea that you have to take them on a journey, to keep up their stamina with the right grooves is a thrill ride in its self!”

“I’m not going to deny the difficulties that sometimes arise in relation to people’s attitudes towards my choice of style, however it’s not restricted to Orange in particular. “I’ve encountered a lot of prejudice over the years everywhere I go, including stares and derogatory comments. But it’s not all bad news! Sometimes people approach me on the street and exclaim their adoration, which is always a nice boost for the old ego.”


“Sometimes I wanna get out of Orange and start somewhere completely new, but then I think ‘would life even be any different somewhere else?’

“I’m thankful for grace, love, freedom and laughter and I realize I have all those things right here in Orange, my home.”


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georgie, zoe, and greg pics are my favorite
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you are for sure a professional photographer :)

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Ebony said...

Love the photos and the added statements. Gives a little more to the photo... knowing a little about the subject. Thanks for sharing :)

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Great photographs!!