Monday, June 14, 2010

Not in this new romantic way

Hello friends!

The long weekend is over (sad), and I was meant to take an outfit shot on everyone of the days... but I didn't.
Saturday I wasn't particularly inspired, but I have this new hoodie that I loooove and is super cute, so I was like, hey, I'll just show that off. So I drove all the way out to some woods and then... drove around them... and then left. Without taking photos.
Monday I started getting dressed in the morning, getting quite excited about outfits, but then all of a sudden I got really neauseated and everything started spinning. So that went out the window!
Sunday, however, I did take some photos - but they were mostly craptacular. It's what I get for spending like an hour finding a location, so that when I do finally find this mediocre location the sun is about to set and i'm really tired! Anyway, here are the results.

The second last photo of just the legs was taken is a pretty cool location (I uploaded the photo mainly because I liked the lit up grass) but while I was taking the photos I realised that the property that I was on was owned by someone who lived near by and the woman and her kids came over to make sure I wasn't shooting rabbits! (No... definitely not shooting rabbits).
So I left.

Then I drove for who knows how long determined that I could find somewhere before the sun set, and I spotted this really beautiful spot just as the sun was setting and by the time I had set up the camera... it had set. However, it made for some alright photos anyway!

I want to thank everyone again for all the positive comments, it really is a breath of fresh air everytime you comment, I love it!

Also, keep your eyes peeled because I'm finally about to put some items on Etsy for sale. After what seems like forever I've actually got my act together and I have some letter sets finished! I'll put a post up here when they go up on Etsy :)
That actually brings me to another topic: selling things on your blog.
When I decided to make an Etsy shop, I was going to create a new blog for the shop so it didn't intrude on my current blog - but now I'm not sure.
For starters, I really don't know if anyone would follow the shop blog because I'm not going to have updates that often, seeing as I have a full time job already and it's quite hard to get myself organised.
Secondly, I know that I quite enjoy when people do the occasional shop update through their blog - it's just another insight into their lives. And I love shopping.
Thirdly, I won't be putting new items up very often - so I don't really think it's going to be intruding on the rest of my blogging much.

What do you think? If you, my followers, don't want to see shop updates for Etsy every once in a while - then tell me! But if you wouldn't mind... then tell me that too!


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Your comment on my "Shanty Creek" post was so AMAZING!! I smiled the entire time reading it!! Hahah, I'm so glad I was able to take you to your "happy place"!! And you're adorable!!

Diya said...

love the dress and your little key necklace!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'd love to add you to my blogroll of Aussie style bloggers, hope that's cool with you!

Claire/casual ambiguity