Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GoosieGander letterset launch!

Woohoo! After months of drawing, procrastinating, drawing some more and forgetting that I was trying to open an Etsy shop... I finally have!
I would also like to note that for all those Aussies out there, I have a made-it shop too so you can always buy from there.

For an Etsy shop launch it's a bit of a small one (it's hard to make a shop when you have a full time job, y'know? hehe) but it's fun to have some products up on there anyway!

The shop is called GoosieGander, I intend for it to be a vintage and handmade shop, but at the moment I only have these handmade letter sets for sale.

1. Traveller letter set 2. Seasonal letter set 3. Vintage gamer letter set

All of these letter sets are great for sending a letter to an old friend, distant love or new penpal and I'm sure it will make their day! Let's bring back the lost art of letter writing, I say.

The plan was originally to have all of this printed on recycled paper, but I was having quite the hard time finding any recycled paper that was cream coloured, so if I get a bit of enthusiasm about these I will definitely switch to recycled paper. You can be happy knowing that the packs they come in are vintage paper that would have been thrown out had I not used it!

So feel free to have a look around, or if you don't want to that's fine too!

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Tonia said...

They are great little sets! Wishing you big sales!