Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me

- I don’t drink tea or coffee except the occasional vanilla flavoured Green Tea. I drink a lot of juice and water. And milkshakes, yeah!

- I do hip hop dancing on a Wednesday night. It’s an adult intermediate class (yeah that’s right, I’m not beginner anymore!)

- I much prefer rainy days to sunny days unless there is some sort of event that requires sun. However I really don’t like getting my shoes and socks wet.

- I go for drives often around the outskirts of my town, end up in a forest somewhere, freak out that I’m going to be attacked by some sort of radioactive beast that used to be a man but got turned into a radioactive beast and is now living in the forest and preys on all the stupid people like me that decide to go for a lone drive there. Then I drive away really fast.

- I’m listening to OMG by Usher right now. By choice. Hmmm.

- I have wrestled a giant/strong co-worker in an attempt to stop them from squishing spider that I was trying to catch and free safely into the wild.

- I saw Prince of Persia yesterday and I parked in this really seedy car park near the cinemas, and then when I had to walk to my car by myself I ran like I had never run before because I was sure there were scary black-wearing ninja Arabians behind me. Or just general evil people.

- I really hate having a burnt tongue. I have one right now. So annoying.

- I’m not allowed to go to Donut King because two years ago I got addicted to their chocolate éclairs. No donuts for Grace.

- I make inappropriate conversation with most people and don’t realise that half of them are either really weirded out or thinking it’s some sort of come on. I just think it’s interesting is all!

- I really like painting but I’m so bad at it. Like... you think I’m just being modest but I’m not. It’s just splodges and ‘blending’ in the form of rainbows.

- If you open my journal/dairy then it’s mostly just filled with artistic attempts by me. And by artistic attempts I mean childlike drawings and paintings of trees, houses and rainbows.

- I have a bit of a thing for police officers. Okay it’s a major thing.

- I like to hang out in the stationary section of department stores trying to decide what to buy (not that I need anything) and then I finally leave with nothing because the decision is too hard.
Tell me about yourself!


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I loved reading this. Thats so awesome that you dance, wish I could. I liked that you wanted to free the spider, that sounds very much like me. I couldn't kill a fly. And I also hate having a burnt tounge. Hehe

Anonymous said...

I offered to walk you to your car.

::amie:: said...

I DO THE LAST ONE but with everything.