Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I think I've found the location of the first of my new series of fashion series that I want to do. When I say 'found' what I really mean is 'realised', because I drive through this place all the time and never think that it would be good photos, probably because it's not 'pretty'. When I look for a photo location I usually look for something that would make one really good photo of one person, like most of my photos are, but I've started looking more for a place that isn't all about location, but is more a good canvas to put these fashioney people infront of.

Anyway, so v. happy (have started speaking in Bridget Jones manner, more on this later).
I loooove the above spot and photo, those bold colours, and hurrah to whoever decided not to take that chair with them when they took off from this petrol station. I'm always looking for good chair locations!

Here are my theories on magazine style fashion photography. I'm talking like the 3 double page spreads in magazines featuring a particular brand or work by a photographer/stylist.
  • Unlike my previous fashion photography work, the photo is not about the person/model, it's about the clothes they're wearing. I usually try to get all this personality coming through in photos, with emphasis on the persons face and capturing them completely. This isn't the aim, the aim is to be showing off the clothes, probably one piece in particular for each photo.
  • Location is semi-important. Location can be anything as long as the model and location are working together to tell a story. For example, if you look at a bunch of fashionable looking people walking around this derelicted old warehouse, you're not supposed to think 'what are they doing in that warehouse?' you're supposed to think 'cool, so they're just having a bit of a wander around this town, wandered into a warehouse, they're having a look around while being stylish at the same time. Man, I wish I was them' hahaha. Catch my drift?
  • All models need to have a similar style of fashion. E.g. you don't want a indie chick with an emo, a goth and a prep (unless that's the aim of your shoot, showing off different styles). For the most part, you should have all indie looking people or all goths. Think will mostly be doing all indie looking people because that's just how my brain works. Or bohemian people style.
  • 1 photo doesn't have to be the best photo in the world. You're not trying to capture it all in one photo, you have about 6 photos to show off everything you want to. The idea is more to make all six photos look good together. If you put one of the photos on it's own it might not look as good, but all of them together works.
  • In saying that, I think it's always good to have one feature photo, one that stands out. Like if you were making a book out if it, it would be the front page.
Does anyone else have any gems to offer on fashion photography of this style?

P.s. Is it weird to look at a photo of an abandoned petrol station and get really happy and excited? Hmmm.

P.p.s I don't know if anyone would be vaguely interested in this, but I was thinking of doing a weekly feature where I give some photography tips. But I don't want to sound like I think I know everything about photography, but I just mean that 2 years ago I would have loved to be told some things I know now about photography. Opinions? 


sydneysomething said...

Tips sounds likea good idea, I'll read them! p.s. I've got an idea for a weekly blog feature I'll run past you when I see you on Saturday! I'm super exctied!

Tonia said...

photography tips would be excellent: currently struggling to upload decent shots to etsy (stupid sizings all wrong).
I think with fashion shoots, you're supposed to look at the images and think: "wow, those people are so cool they can lie around abandoned petrol looking amazing in ripped tights and string vests. I'd look like a twassock. Or a cross-dressing grandpa"

Indigo said...

ooo excellent! I did a fashion magazine spread for my course work at the begining of the year! Use Picassa to add text, you can download it from google for FREE! haha, I'll show you the photos I did in a post on my blog tomorrow if thats any help...but mine were shot in the studio. Actually wait no! I have a shoot outside too! Ohhh you've inspired my next post! Ooo the excitment! Thank you! XXX

Mitzi Cocoa said...

Those are excellent points about fashion photography! I agree with all. Good luck with your shooting endeavors! I look forward to seeing the photos.

Elle Sees said...

i simply love photography! i admire those who do so.

::amie:: said...

the angled lines from the weatherboarding on that petrol station do weirdo things to the apparent straightness of the top border. oh my eyes.

hannah said...

this is a cool post! the petrol station is really great. i dig the photog tips, i'm trying to learn more myself!