Sunday, June 20, 2010

bring the noise.

Warning: This post has a high photo content.

Good afternoon everyone!

In regional NSW we have an organisation called Rock Up who put on all age music events. I used to be a full on Rock Up kid, whose only social interaction with anyone outside my immediate circle of friends took place at Rock Up's Battle of the Bands. They don't do Battle of the Bands anymore (sad) probably because of limited enthusiasm for it, but this year they've been doing a few different events, including a dance party called Rock Up Rave Fest!
Now, I have grown out of Rock Up being 20 years old (it's really aimed at the 13-18 year-old crowd), but that doesn't mean I am not in full support of it! I just embrace the fact that it is time for the new generation of Rock Up goers.
I must say though, I am very disappointed in this new generation of Rock Up goers. I mean... where are you?! When I was 16 I was at the front being slammed into the stage by 100 teenyboppers/angry metal fans at Battle of the Bands with my friends, squeeling and trying to see how many guitar players legs we could stroke! There are a few dedicated 16-year-olds who I see doing similar things at most events, but where are the rest of you?!
Not to mention, where are all the terrible high school bands that everyone loves because their boyfriends are in them?!
So this is my general rant, saying to all the under ages out there, go to Rock Up! Because if you don't support it then it won't keep going, and the closest thing you'll get to live music will be your school discos and concerts, and you won't get to meet anyone out of your current social group! Go! Stroke guitar players legs, try to pull lead singers' pants off, shout out 'TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!' at drum players, rub faces with strange androgenous lead singers of special guest Sydney bands! You're young!

Bloggers: I want to hear your stories of high school band worshipping!


Okay. Rant over. This event was pretty cool. Normally I would cut a major rug up, but I wanted to take photos and that's kind of hard with a huge camera on your shoulder. Plus, I didn't have my usual rug-cutting friends to dance with. I only saw DJs Treeboi & Kone and Wax Rabit who were thoroughly enjoyable!
Anyway, enough talking, here are some photos!

(Best viewed while listening to Treeboi & Kone's mixtape)

(Treeboi & Kone)

Wax Rabit

(Yay I'm popular)

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Annabel said...

Seems like everyone's having a blast! I didn't really had the band worshipping in my high school days. Maybe it's a cultural thing...
Love from Amsterdam