Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who wants free clothes?

Happy Sunday everyone,

I'm cleaning out my closet and giving most of the stuff to Vinnies, but I thought there were a few pieces in there that don't fit me anymore that I thought I would offer up for grabs first!
I'll give them to you for free, except for some money for postage. And I'll send it international if anyone wants it!

It's a bit of a long shot but I thought there might just be something that catches your eye!

(I apologise for the terrible photos, I just couldn't be bothered putting in any effort so you'll have to use your imagination!)

Left skirt: I actually really like this skirt and almost just then decided not to give it away, but I just never wear it. It's brand is Fashionfair and it's size 10 (Aus). It's a floral waisted skirt with a ribbon at the top.
Right skirt: Brand is 'xception' (so you know it must be good). This is a black with red polka dots skirt with a floral pattern on sewed on the bottom right corner.

Left skirt: This is a pretty good skirt, I would have worn it more but at the time (like 5 years ago) waisted skirts weren't 'cool' and of course I had to be 'cool'. It does have a small pen mark on the front. Pretty much a white skirt with rainbow stripes going downward and pockets. Brand: Purr, Size: 8

Right skirt: Brand: Sunny Girl, Size: 8, a bit of a pixieish cut, gathered at the top, has three beaded pink flowers on the bottom.

This is a good 'un, I'd probably still wear it if it fit. Brand: Miss Shop, Size: 8. Hipster woolen mini skirt, pleasts, pink and grey tartan.

Right top: I got a lot of compliments in this top! It's a horizontal striped top with a bit of a white boat neck with two buttons on it. Brand: Tightrope, Size: M

Left top: Bought this because I thought it was cute, but I don't really wear white tops very often! It has a picture of a robot with a gun shooting out shiny red lovehearts. Brand: Supre, Size: M

If you're interested in any of these just shoot me an email, The first person to express interest can have it, or if they change their minds then the next person can have it! If you want to know measurements or more details just email me.

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Allison said...

I would like them. I will send you the money in the mail if thats ok. I am a teenager in the U.S. and depending on how much shipping is, I would really be interested in getting them! They are soo cute!! And just my style!! :)