Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photographic failings

I think this is one of those dresses that probably flatter some people amazingly. It doesn’t flatter me, but I wear it anyway because it’s beautiful. But I often forget it doesn’t flatter me, and in a situation where I would be taking pictures of myself I usually wouldn’t wear it. Unfortunately I forgot that today, on the day where I was trying to get an outfit that I could take a picture of myself wearing. So... stuff it.
This little photographic venture was pretty much a failure. I don’t think I’ve taken an outfit photo in over 2 weeks and it’s because I just keep failing! But I decided to just publish my failures this time.

(I think I could have taken some really nice pictures at this location if I was behind the camera!)

This is probably the best shot I got, the colours are quite lovely!

And then there are... the other shots.

"Why won't this remote work?!"

Note to Grace: You need to actually pose, not stand awkwardly.

Except don't pose like that.

Wish me luck for the weekend! I'll be attempting to take some outfit shots, as well FOUR other photo shoots. Eeep!

P.s. Hello Autumn!


kiss me quick said...

wow that setting is beautiful! Your outfit looks really cute.

thanks for the lovely comment!

xxx kissmequick

wilbs said...

very pretty! i love autumn. -xo

ps. the dress is flattering.

Aya Smith said...

What a beautiful photo set! I love how you are begin hugged by the trees around you... so gorgeous!

Aya ♥

Chaucee said...

Ooo I love this post!