Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's pouring down raining today and my shoes are wet. I love rain, but I hate wet shoes. So much. And that weird dry feeling your hands get after they've been wet. That probably doesn't make sense... but it just makes my hands feel so... blargh!

I've been looking through loads of blogs and getting jealous that I don't wear amazing outfits everyday. And also shaking my head at myself for not wearing amazing outfits everyday. I can't figure out if I just don't have enough amazing clothes or if I just don't have the effort. My morning routine before work usually consists of me rolling out of bed, showering, finding clothes, maybe doing my hair and make-up, eating breakfast and running out the door. Morning is not my most inspirational time.


I've subscribed to the blog of a 17-year-old photographer from Melbourne who is just amaaaazzziiing! Like, she makes me so jealous (a lot of people make me jealous it seems). Anywho, she has entered a competition (the prize is A YEARs rent in New York. Wowza.) and I thought I would encourage my followers to give her a vote if they see fit. Her name is Nirrimi Hakanson, this is her blog We Live Young and click here and scroll down, then select the 5 stars if you want to give her a 5 star rating (a vote).

Here are some of my favourite photos of hers!

If I am as good a photographer as she is one day I'll be a very happy woman!

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wilbs said...

i know what you mean about the hands - i especially hate the feeling of paper with freshly dried hands. ew.