Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look I made some things!

Good morning chums.

Last night I actually printed out some demo-type things for my letter sets! I'm ever so excited! Hopefully the Etsy will be up and running soon-ish.

I haven't gotten around to finding the right type of recycled paper yet, so the paper will be slightly different to this, but this is pretty much what some of them will look like.

(I know that above picture looks awfully unprofessional, but has anyone been having a problem with the blogger uploader flipping your pictures around the wrong way?)

Anywho - this will be a season set. I'm not sure if I'll just double up to make eight of them or if I'll design some more on a similar idea, but I quite like these ones! There's summer, autumn, winter and spring.
And here are some samples of some other ones. I'll have a retro-gamer set with tetris, pacman, lemmings, etc. Then we have a field of flowers and my favourite, the bike.

Tell me what you think! Do you like the simplicity or do you think I should add some more detail?

(Of course, all designs here were made from scratch by me.)


Django et Coco said...

These are really cute, love the bicycle one, oh and what a great idea the tree through the season, love it ;)

-Coco From OurPaperMoon

wilbs said...

love the trees! -xo

Syd said...

I want a lemmings one. Send me a letter on it.

Georgie Mills said...

these are awesome!! what are you making them for? i agree with "wilbs"... about the trees.

Jill said...

i think they are great simple. the bike and the tetris one are my favorite. cant wait to see the rest of the retro game series.

Sizzling Steak said...

Love them, but may I suggest madeit.com.au instead of etsy? Its Australian so you don't have to worry about US$ and international postage and stuff.