Monday, May 3, 2010


I took these photos of Caitlin last night (who was yet another un-knowing entrant in one of my giveaways).
Due to my working until 5pm and it being autumn here I wasn't able to get any shots before the sun set, so we got to experiment with... flashes!
If it's dark I usually do indoor shots and point my flash up towards the roof so it bounces up. In this case though I thought I'd give something else a try. I very shoddily positioned a white reflector so that my flash would bounce off that toward Caitlin. I have to say, I think it turned out quite well! This also meant we could go outside for photos.

I was trying to get candid shots of Caitlin so I told her to 'have fun'. Keep that in mind haha!

Caitlin also had the idea of using car headlights as lighting. I've done this before with someone but I didn't have the right lense for it and it just turned out bad. But we gave it a try and it seemed to work much better! Only problem was that Caitlin had to sit down for the light to be hitting her properly.
There are a few more where these came from that I put up one day!

How is everyone?

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