Sunday, May 23, 2010

letters to myself

To Grace

re: lunch

Please do not, however much you want to, eat a foot-long sub for lunch. You do not need that much sub. You know this, as after the first half you started feeling sick. And contrary to what your mind thinks, you will not be satisfied with 'not eating again until dinner' in exchange for said sub. In fact, what were you just trying to convince yourself that you could have? A strawberry milkshake. And as you were typing out this email what were you still trying to convince yourself you could have? A strawberry milkshake.
A 6-inch sub will suffice.

From Grace

1 comment:

Sorella said...

That is actually what it is like for me everytime I have a Sub. I wolf it down too quickly and then feel guilty :S. They are damn yummuliscious though!