Friday, May 28, 2010

I’m-a I’m-a a diva

This post is dedicated to Justine – who won’t read this – but who is finishing up at my workplace today! (Don’t gooo Jusssstttiiinnnneee!)
In the paper I work at we have a section called ‘Page 3 Girl’ which is... pretty much... a girl on Page 3. It’s not like the old-days though, she’s fully clothed and we have an equivalent part for men further back in the paper.
Anyway, we have a little thing we do sometimes, that when people leave we feature them in one of the sections! So this week Justine is our Page 3 Girl!
I took her photos a few days ago, and we chose a tame photo as to not upset the readers, but I thought I’d show some of the others because I think she’s a very good model for this kind of stuff and it was a pleasure to work with her.

[P.s. none of these photos were retouched in any way (like most of my photos)]


Erin said...

Eeep that dress makes me feel all summery inside...! Omigosh you are so good at taking pictures if they look like that naturally :o

Love love love,



Anonymous said...



Ali said...

nice photos! and the location looks really lovely too

Anonymous said...

I adore that dress! Is it long? The colors are just beautiful.
I keep forgetting it's fall for you. It's just beginning to get crazy warm up here in the states.

I found your blog through the comment you left on Annie's blog. :)