Sunday, May 2, 2010

I see you're wearing your stayin' hat, darlin'

I feel so un-photoish at the moment. I haven’t taken proper blog-worthy photos in like two weeks! Stupid non-daylight savings, it’s so hard to get the time!
I’m hopefully taking photos of Caitlin after work today, it’ll be dark so I’ll have to work with a flash which is a paaaiin but let’s hope I get something good out of it.
Due to my lack of photo posts (which is due to my lack of taking photos) I’ll post an old shoot of mine from the end of last year that I haven’t put here before because... I didn’t have a blog.

This is Perrin (with Rosemary in some of the other shots). I did a post with two of the silly photos from this shoot before, but here are the actual photos.

For this shoot we went out to one of Rosemary’s Grandma’s properties where there was an old sheerer’s cottage or something. It had beds and two fridges and old old furniture and it was mad! I think Rosemary should throw a huge party out there one day. It would be very, very cool. Or a music festival! Maybe not. But still cool.

I’ve decided to give up all junk food for 10 days. I took the idea from my sister, who is doing it for like 3 months but she has incredible determination when it comes to these things. I do not. So I’m going for 10 days! Bahaha!
So that includes pretty much anything that isn’t nutritious or that I’m eating purely for taste. Aka chocolate, soft drink, deep fried things like chips, lollies, non-fresh juice, the list goes on.
I’ve spent the last week and a half eating terribly so this is my attempt to get out of that habit.
Also, I’m going to see Vampire Weekend on Wednesday next week and I want to look good for when Ezra (lead singer) sees me and falls desperately in love with me. He will... right?


Lucy Marmalade said...

I love these photos! Especially the first.

I gave up desserts for a while...and meat, and fried food. I've been eating unhealthily lately though because exams are coming up, and what can I say, I eat my stress and my feelings. Good luck on your 10-day experiment! I think that it's good, though, just to cut out one or two things for some long-term healthy-eating changes. dessert a day, instead of eight (I had a bad sweet tooth. Like, BAD). Steps in the right direction, right? :)

Have so much fun at the VW show!!

Madolin said...

He will *nods*

vivatveritas said...

great photos! xoxo

Gracie said...

One dessert a day. Oooohh yeah. I do agree though, small long term eating changes are good. My main thing over the past few months has been trying to cut out soft drink!

And thankyou. Yes, I am assuming that Ezra will fall in love with me. Dooo itt Ezra!