Monday, May 17, 2010

I believe you are meant to be seen but not understood

So yesterday kind of sucked.

I found out that Justine, who I work with in my office and who is my best work buddy is leaving  I’m happy for her, but obviously, not for me.
I nearly had a minor car accident. Stupid left front blind spot! But thank goodness the lady was paying attention and stopped!
My boss yelled at me :(
I nearly got crushed by a giant crate of confectionary. Some sort of irony? The girl who gives up junk food for a little while gets crushed by a giant crate of it.
But then Mum made nachos for dinner and everything made sense again. Also I drew a picture of a train.

Today is much better! I actually put make up on, and my new beanie covers up my gross hair wonderfully.
However, I swear all of my dresses are getting shorter... I don’t think I’ve gotten any taller which leads me to assume that I’ve gotten fatter. But I don’t think I’m any fatter than I was before. Ho hum. Emphasis on ho.
This is what I wore today!

Shirt dress: MissShop, two or so years old
Belt: Cotton On $10
Beanie: EcoWear $30
Boots: I'm looking and I can't figure out, but they were from Myer, $80


Rosemary said...

well let me tell you about my day. I went to get my blood tests back, and i have no immunity to any of the damn vaccines that they have been pumping into me, so i had to go have some more, and after having two burning, aching arms i walk out the doctors surgery to slip on the wet concrete and fall on my face, two days in a row. ouch. Im in pain. Sorry to hear about Justine and the confectionary incident.

Tonia said...

Loving the very random 'Also I drew a picture of a train'! What else could be happier? Hope your week gets better.

Mitch said...

gracie, as a friend of yours, i fear that the shortness of your dresses will cause you to get sick, i.e. you will catch your death of cold in the brisk orange air! please, put some pants on! haha

Django et Coco said...

This outfit is so adorable! love the color of the dress! Sorry to hear about your bad day but glad that to hear the next one was better ;)

-Coco From OurPaperMoon

Gracie said...

Quiet Mitch, I don't need pants! :p And thankyou everyone, Rosemary, what a cruddy sounding day.

Syd said...

I think it's the 4th picture, you look hot! So hourglass-ee, and your legs look awesome! Your waist has like...come out of hiding, not sure if it ever was in hiding or I've just never seen you sanding in this pose :P


Justice Pirate said...

I LOVE this set of photographs! they are really great!!!!!!!!