Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything's coming up Millhouse!

Hi everyone!!! I'm in a very pleasant mood this Friday afternoon for several reasons.
1. It's FRIDAY AFTERNOON! Yippeee! If I was actually doing something this weekend I might be more excited, but I'm working on Saturday night at job 2 and photoshopping all weekend. Which is fine by me. I'm going to photoshop and design and exercise and sleep!
2. This exhibition that I'm featuring in is alll coming together wonderfully. I've had heaps of positive feedback from the curator so I'm ever so excited to see them up in a gallery! Eeep!
3. This is the 3rd day this week that I've posted an outfit shot. Woo woo!
4. I've been getting heaps of blog comments lately, which makes me just smile all over.
5. The curator of the exhibition that I'm going in has recommended me as a photographer to collaborate with this AMAZING Australian artist who does body painting! (As in, where he actually paints on the models body), he's done a feature in Harper's Bazaar and he's amazing and I'm just BURSTING with excitement. And nervousness. And excitement.

How are you?

This is what I wore today :)

Skirt: Quirky Circus, $30
Top: MissShop, ancient!
Cardigan: French Kitty
Boots: Target


Hue said...


I mean... go grace! bloody hell thats awesome! I think its about time you bought a camera.

Im just saying :p

Georgie Mills said...

HUZZAH!!! wow what an eventful day!!

and kudos on the photography, m'dear...

you should come into Cinnabar at some stage tomorrow. :D