Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't you wanna get out of Cape Cod tonight?


I'm sorry I haven't posted in what seems like ages, I think it's been like 5 days. But I've been away!

I went to Sydney to see Vampiiirreee Weeekeeennnd (eeee!) and spend some time with my sister and friends.

I took some photos (not near enough) while I was there so I'll be sure to update you all. Meanwhile, here is a half attempt at an outfit shot of me and my sister from one night we went out to dinner. Sorry about the bad quality, I only had my tiny tiny camera!

P.s. I love Ezra from Vampire Weekend. Are you listening Ezra? Because I love you.

Dress: Quirky Circus, $40
Tights: Supermarket! A couple of bucks
Cardigan: From Mum
Hat: From Glebe Markets, $50
Necklace: Glebe Markets, $15

Jacket: Cue [so beautiful!]
Shoes: Quick Brown Fox
Earrings: Glebe Markets
I think there was a dress under there but I couldn't tell you where it was from. Kookai?

How has everyone been?
P.p.s This is the only half decent shot I managed to get from Vampire Weekend, and it was a bit of a failure too.


Mitch said...

Church Bar and Woodfire Pizza in Bathurst, which is one of my favourite places for a good night, have a cocktail called Cape Cod. It's amazing. I can't tell you what is in it, besides alcohol and smiles...

wilbs said...

lets swap drobes, plz.

ps. cats in mouth? totally normal. unless they were large cats, because logic states small mouth and large cats couldn't work. how did you ask for cups with a full mouth?

Gracie said...

Oooh Mitch that sounds brilliant! A cape cod cocktail in Bathurst?! Ya ya ya ya ya.

Wilbs, yeah, I don't know. I really don't know. It was a small cat. A SMALL CUTE ONE! And I think I was just thinking it to people. Hahaha but I haven't even seen your drobe :p hehe, drobe.