Monday, May 24, 2010

All the royal places

These are the photos I said I'd post from Rosemary and I's jaunt around Sydney-town. It wasn't the biggest jaunt, but we did take photos in the Queen Victoria Building and the 'Guvnah's House'.

I think Rosemary's outfit was the winner of the day. That bag, oh that bag.

(Rosemary I just realised I forgot to get the piano one. It can have a post of it's own :p)

Rosemary can feel free to post her outfit details as a comment if she wants :)

Aaand here's my outfit for that day.

I had a slight problem with my t-shirt, in that it was horizontal striped and made me look GIANT CHESTED haha but oh well. I wore my cardigan buttoned up for most of the photos,

but I did have to show off my t-shirt because I love it.

This photo symbolises the... err... trek of the city.

Skirt: Sportsgirl
T-shirt: French Kitty
Cardigan: Bluejuice
Ring: I'm not sure, it's from Iglou 

My weekend mind was full of much planning, namely some plans to do some fashion-esque photographic series. I think I need to move into series. Hahaha.


Georgie Mills said...

Rosemary looks stunning in these!!! as do you grace, BUT ROSEMARY! phwoah.

Syd said...

Rosemarr looks HAWT

and I remember you buying that love heart t shirt on schoolies, Gravie

Dee said...

Oooh I love your ring! You girls are super cute, haha love the "flash picture" of your tee, the heart is nice touch

FintWobbleBunstworthy said...

Oh you guys. I might just blush myself out of existence :p

Erm outfit? errrrr... lets see.

Shoes: K mart
Skivvy:... Crossroads? I assume so
Dress: Ally
Bangle:... Mimco. you cant even see it hahaha
Headband: cant remember
Bag: pretty sure i stole it from my mum. there is a tag inside that says its made of 100% cow leather! Hot damn!


ah this is a cool post grace, you dont have to put the pianee one up, these make me feel special