Sunday, April 18, 2010

You cross the border to my heart

"When you come and see me in California, you cross the border of my heart."
- Joanna Newsom, In California

I finally bought Joanna's new CD, Have One On Me and I'm in love. It's just so peaceful and lovely and amazing.


Guess what, I have 10 followers! It seems like a lot to me, but I'm sure most of you are going '10 followers. Big deal.' but I don't know, it just excites me!
I was going to do a feature on my tenth follower as a little prize thingy, but my tenth follower is my friend Caitlin who doesn't actually have a blog of her own (yet?).
So I figure I'll just take photos of Caitlin! I don't know if that's really a prize seeing as I've been bugging her to let me take photos of her for weeks. So you can consider it a punishment Caitlin. Ha ha!

On that note, a lot of friends from my... area have started following my blog. Why don't you all make blogs! I'd love to hear what you have to say... whatever that may be :)


How was everyone's weekend? I went to this 'young person' event at the skate park on Saturday to take some photos, I won't upload those because they're not all that good. But afterwards I went and took some pictures of what I was wearing :)

Dress: Dotti, $60
Tights: The supermarket?
Shoes: Steve Madden, $50
Necklace: Handmade, a gift from Baja Design

I used three different techniques to take these shots, which I thought I'd tell you about.

My tripod is currently without an... attachey bit so I have to precariously perch my camera on top of the tripod. Kind of useless, but the point I'm trying to make is that I can't take portrait shots at the moment because the camera doesn't... perch like that. So just take that into consideration.

I've never really used auto focus on my Canon EOS 40D before, so I thought I would give it a try. I have a wireless remote control (which you can probably see in the photos) and I assumed the camera would probably be able to decide to focus on me instead of the tree next to me.
This was assumption, because the camera instead chose to focus on whatever it wanted, changing where it focused for every photo!
However, my favourite photo, the first one where I'm near the tree, was taken with the camera on auto focus so I suppose it kind of worked!

After this failed I tried to put my camera on the right point focus and just take all the shots trying to align myself with where I assumed the right point of focus was.
This was also a failure, as it seems I'm really not good at aligning myself with focal points from a distance.

The last method I used is simpley setting the camera on middle point focus, taking it off my tripod, and walking to the point where I wanted to stand in the photo. I marked a spot in the dirt and focused on my tripod. Then without taking my finger off the half focus I switched the lens over to manual focus and then put the camera on the tripod and walked back to the spot I had marked in the dirt.
This one worked the best as just about every photo I took was in focus, and as long as I stayed on that same line of focus it was fine! Some of the photos were just a tiny bit soft, but that was because I had it on f1.8 so it was kind of almost impossible to get an exactly right focus on my eyes.
I think I learnt that trick from this blog, The Wanderlusters.


I think it should also be noted that

1. I should probably park my car where it won't be seen in the photo.

2. I'm gonna be honest with you. When I'm alone I like to dance. Not just like head bopping, like, I like to think I'm some sort of amazing ballerina. It hurts when I realise I'm not actually as skilled as I think I am (see below).


caitie-dicko-dickson said...

grace, i'd love some photos! although i have no idea of a cool location... possibly near some popplar trees, they seem to be rather lovely this time of year!
I have absolutely no idea about a blog subject. hmm.
I'm just going to enjoy yours for the time being :D
I would like to steal this cd sometime.

Megan said...

I love your oxfords, I've been dying for a pair just like them!

Anonymous said...

I love those oxfords! those are the ones I've had my eye on! very cute dress ^,^

Draft of Vintage said...

Cute cute shoes! Love the floral print!