Monday, April 5, 2010

My love for you is as long as the Nile

Hello ladies, and... possibly gentlemen!

I'm sorry I didn't post over Easter - and I hate to say it but I also didn't take any outfit pictures :(
I wore so many outfits that I liked, with full intention of photographing them, but then I was too busy!
At least we can say I'm trying harder!

For those of you who might be wondering about my 'Egypt' themed party over the weekend, here is what I wore!

I apologise for the trashiness of the picture. All I had was my phone camera and hence the 'myspace' pic. There were many other photos of my from the rest of the night but I was a little too... under the influence. It's not good!

My irrisponsible party going led me to start thinking about what makes a 'good' or 'epic' party! I've been seeing a lot of people just out of school recently who go out to a pub and sit around looking quite terrified, and other youngens that have just turned 18 and are attending parties, being quite tame and leaving early.
I was like this myself once, and the sight of them just makes me want to show them how to party!

I think necessary for a party is
- making a fool out of yourself to some extent
- one of the parties goers at least has to take some of their clothes off. that's when the party is really under way
- 'd & ms' ohhhh the 2 hour conversations about your lack-of-love life or equivelent that you have with people
- it's not a party until someone cries. the next morning they'll think it's ridiculous, but at that moment it's all that matters
- doing something stupid. in my case, it usually involves eating a lot of food. i mean a lot.
- the morning after. Stay over at the party, wake up the next morning and... ohhh... everything comes flooding back to you

What makes a good party for you?


Dina-Dyorre said...

Egyptian party, what an awesome idea.

Erin said...

I know *sigh* I hate when I have a nice (if I do say so myself) outfit on and I never get round to it...ooh I do like your outfit ... ! Oh I look in depth conversations like that :)

Love love love,



Starr Crow said...

All of the above! from what i can see, your outfit was spot on for Egypt. :)