Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Letter Appreciation Society

I was reading a blog post by Maria from Lulu Letty, when I clicked on a link she had posted to one of her sponsors, Poppy Cork Hill. Other than having some really beautiful handmade and vintage items on this shop, Tonia, the shop owner has a little thing she calls 'The Letter Appreciation Society'.
This is her scheme to bring back the golden days of letter writing. Not just communication with someone by text, but taking care, thinking about what you write and having it in your own hand writing!

So, I am joining this society and will soon write a letter to someone, with care taken in doing so! I actually wrote a letter to Zoe last week but it was just my mind ramblings. So I'll do better this time.

The Letter Appreciation Society Pledge

I pledge to send 1 letter or card to a friend, relative, aquaintence or place where I got really good service, a month.
I pledge that this letter or card shall be handwritten by me.
I pledge that I shall spend more than 2 minutes thinking about it before doing it.

And I urge you to join up too! Just go to her site and click on the 'Letter Appreciation Society' for all the information!


Tonia said...

Hey that's me! Bless you for joining up, I really enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and some blank paper every month (I know, it's a very rock and roll existence!) - hope you enjoy it too.

Madolin said...

An admirable ambition! I agree, we all need to return to letter writing.

I love letter writing! I still send all invitations by post, though sometimes i type mine on a typewriter instead and I have two out of town friends I sometimes write to.