Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A lot of portrait photographers out there will agree with me that when it comes to getting a fun photo, you usually end up telling the subject to 'jump'.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, due to this and several years of taking photos, I've taken a lot of jumping pictures. In fact, just to brag for a minute, I pride myself on being able to almost always get the good bit of the jump when I'm taking a jumping photo on any camera.

Three or four years ago I did some research on this photography project by Phillip Hausman where he made a book of celebrities jumping. I think it was because at the end of every one of his photoshoots he would ask people to jump for him. He called it 'jumpology'.

This is one of Salvador Dali that I love because it's just like... whaaaaat?

Photo source: Wikimedia

So I thought I would share with you some of my 'jumpology'!

I know when I first started taking jumping photos about 6 years ago with my friends in a park near school we loved it. We also noticed that half the people would sometimes pull some very... interesting faces while they were jumping. I also noticed that most people have their own type of... jump, that you wouldn't normally notice unless it was captured like it is. Some people do the 'Toyota' jump, some people put their arms down, arms out, legs tucked, legs sprawled, oh the list goes on.

(Some of these are nice arty shots but most are just... jumping.)

I'd love to see some of your jumping shots!


Kim said...

If I ever need a smile this is the place I go for "jumpers"

There are so many great photos on there :D

I do love that Dali photo too, its so mad!

phantom lens said...

YES I have so many archived random jumping pics. You have just inspired me to procrastinate some more and scour my photo library to find them! Be looking out for a jumping post soon