Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I see your breath hanging there, like snow clouds

So it's officially the cold months.

Well, it's not really that cold, I'm currently wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with a cardigan and I'm fine, but it looks cold.

Yesterday it was overcast, then started raining, then got really foggy - today it is fog city. You can see about 100 metres infront of you and it's 2.30pm!

I just had my hair cut. I would show you but it's raining and my hair has gone frizzy and we decided not to bother styling it at the hair dresser. So tomorrow perhaps.
In other news, this is (one of) my best friend(s), Zoe. She likes balloons (or bloons as we call them) and coloured tights.
She's very tall and very pretty.

Bloons don't like rain.

Neither do socks

I really like this spot. This is the Australian country side so it's mostly just 'bush' and shrubs. To get to this place you have to drive through a pine forest which is technically a four-wheel-drive track (I don't pay any attention to that!) and you all of a sudden come out at this farm land that has beautiful rolling forest hills and it's hard to believe anyone actually lives out here!

I quite like the big powerlines though. I'm not sure why, it's just kind of comforting. Reminds me of older times.


Kim said...

Great photos!! :D

Zoe has a fab look the tights are great!! :D

Gracie said...

Thankyou, I'll be sure to tell her :)

trishie said...

Wow, fab photos! so cheerful and fun.

FintWobbleBunstworthy said...

ooh how pretty, the fog is really neat and awesome. freaky though. zoe is so pretty. i love your blog! I want more! MOOOOORE! :P

Gracie said...

Aw thanks Rosemary and Trishie.
Are you serious about loving my blog? hahahaha because that's really nice and makes me happy.
I love your blog because it's called 'The Rambling Sojourn of an Overhedged Brain' and there are no posts. Hahahahahaha brilliant

FintWobbleBunstworthy said...

There was some posts but i deleted them :P

Yeah i really really like it

Id go so far as to say its one of the best things you have ever done hahaha