Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Etsy, betsy, puddin and pie

I’ve decided to start up an Etsy Shop! I have a bit of free time now and then and I’d love to be selling handmade/vintage things for people, so I thought... why not!?

I’ve spent the last few months absolutely Etsy-addicted and decided I might as well have a shop of my own. I love making things and although I don’t think the vintage shops around where I live would have the biggest selection, I think it could offer an alternative, for people to shop vintage that will be largely coming from country Australia.
I’m not quite sure what I’ll do when it comes to handmade, I decided yesterday that I want to do a few letter-writing sets, because I love them and I bought a beautiful set just recently and it just makes me happy. I might also sell a few prints and who knows what else!
Don’t worry though, I won’t be bombarding you with Etsy information constantly on here. I’ll write a bit as I’m preparing to open the shop but then when I do open it I’ll make the shop its own blog so you can follow it if you choose.
I don’t really plan on it being a huge source of income, maybe if I could make a tiny bit of pocket money that would be nice, but it’s mainly for the fun of it :). So I plan on it being very affordable stuff.
If any shop owners want to give me some tips then feel free to go ahead, otherwise, keep your ear out for more information!

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wilbs said...

perhaps you could try madeit.com
with none of that pesky currency conversion, it's quite the thriving community.

good luck. -xo