Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog feature winner!

Hi gang! (gang?)

Well I don't know if you remember my 'giveaway' I was holding, where the prize would be me writing a little feature on a follower of mine! Well anyway, the winner is... Wilbs of a nut in a me shell!

(Well done, Wilbs, on being the only eligible entrant! :))

I've been reading a nut in a me shell for only about a week now but I'm hooked! It's full of loads of fun little posts that seem to just make sense to me and have a personal side too.
I also find that she is hilarious without even trying.

One of my favourite regular posts is titled 'a cat a day keeps the crazy at bay' (see below) which does the job of giving me a laugh every morning.

Another thing I really enjoy about a nut in a me shell is that unlike myself, her blog writing is not a messy mess of ramblings like my own, but she is actually a really good writer and it comes out in every post she publishes. This is probably because she's a university creative writing major, or maybe she's just naturally talented.

Wilbs sometimes uses two tea bags, sometimes washes her face with bodywash and has a darling blog-layout!

You should check out her blog if you're interested in a real-life blog of an Australian uni student!


Rūta said...

Both pictures are so so funny!!

wilbs said...

my sides have split from laughter! i didn't even realise i'd entered a competition. but yay for being the only eligable entrant! this made my day.

your blog is not a mess of ramblings! you have a fluent, confident tone, an eye for detail in your photography and an all-round entertaining writing style.

thank you for your kind words, they couldn't have come at a better time. -xo

wilbs said...

pour vous:

Gracie said...

oh, thanks! now you made my day! Hahah I had a feeling you didn't know you had entered because I sort of rambled the thing about a giveaway in the middle of many other comments. Haha! But that's good anyway. Cheerio! and thankyou so much for the lovely words!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

hehe these photos are so cute :) I love cats. What a fun idea for a giveaway. I will check out her blog now.

and thank you for the comment on my blog. It is true, I only have two pairs of sunnies and I pretty much only wear them when I'm driving (which isn't very often as I don't have a car).

Teresa said...

Haha, these photos are hilarious and way too cute! Must check out this blog and forward all cuteness to hubby.