Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in my backpack?!

So seeing as I don’t have anything shoots to show today, I thought I would do one of the ‘what’s in my hand bag’ posts. But I have a backpack. Why do I have a backpack? You say. Well I usually have a handbag but I got this cute backpack recently and it’s just so dang convenient! So I’m bringing the backpack back. With help from my friend Georgie.

Also, I couldn’t lay it all out in one big thing for... various reasons. So I’ve taken several shots, for fun! Woo!

Let’s begin.

Sugarbaby lipgloss that I bought on sale from Myer yesterday. It’s one of those ‘super pout’ ones where it like... has an irritant in it and makes your lips swell up and hurts. Haha. Am I selling it to you well?

My phone. I looked for a photo to put on the background and decided on this, seeing as it’s a picture of my pulling an ‘annoyed’ face because of my disappointment with the movie ‘Adventureland’. I sent it as an mms to my friend, I don’t just document all my feelings about everything. Okay, so maybe I do.

My pretty wallet. Sooo pretty. I would tell you what brand but I can’t remember and can’t find the tag. But it’s wonderful.

My keys. ... not particularly exciting.

 DRY SHAMPOO! So good. And it's mini..

Stink-remover. This deodorant smells soooo goood. It’s Impulse, City Collection, New York. I would be very surprised if New York smelt like this.

Writing book. My friend Kristen has just moved 6 hours away, so we’ve decided to do one of those good old ‘letter books’. Remember them from high school? I had them all the time, and decided to bring back the letter book.
Excuse the shoddy photoshopping on this. It wasn't until I uploaded the photo on Picnik that I realised there was some... err... confidential information on there. And thus had to blur it out with the crappy blurring thing they have on there.
Other than the blurring thing though, Picnik is greeeaatt!

Hollywood Light Up Mirror. I bought this yesterday too. It lights up!!!

Pretty ‘Theme’ tag. My Lancaster dress in a below post came with this tag with a button inside. It’s so pretty, it’s an envelope. Sigh.

BEST GIFT EVAR! This is a flip book my sister gave me for Christmas once. I found it and was so excited by it that I put it in my bag.
Excuse the chocolate. I have a problem.

Inspirational quotey. My dad gave me a ‘Wisdom of the East’ calender for Christmas which I love. This is one I liked a lot, so I put it in my bag for some reason.

Loose coins. That’s right, I’m rich.

Herbal conditioner. Not quite sure why this is in my bag...
Purple beanie/beret. Winter’s coming!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life!

P.S. I'm using this new blog composer editer thing, is anyone else having a bit of dissculty with spacing? I am! But I'm sure I'll learn.

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trishie said...

Yes, i did enjoy "peeping" into your bag, actually. Good to meet a fellow aussie on blogosphere!

PS: i like your's pretty!