Monday, March 8, 2010

What I wore

I'm considering starting to do an occasional 'what I wore' post on this blog. Only problem is I work 5 days a week and I can't exactly fashion myself up like I would like to, seeing as I have to be kind of practical.

Hence why it would be an occasional 'what I wore' to encourage myself to actually try a bit with my clothes when I can!

In other news, I recently took Hanli to one of my photography 'hang outs' where she was sure to inform me that it looked very much like a zombie wasteland.

Kind of freaked out by it now.

It doesn't help when doors in the asbestos-ey building keep on opening and closing randomly. Argh!


Erin said...

You should definitly do a "what I wore" piece! Theyre one of my favourite things about fashion bloggers - you always dress so well!

Love love love,



GraceJ said...

Haha, thanks! And thanks for commenting too!

Yes well I just took a 'kind of' what I wore photo to upload.

Problem with being a photographer is you're never satisfied with self portraits! Oh well, there's only one way to learn.

Thanks so much!