Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have a lot of photos of people from the area that I live in, so I'm going to start showcasing them and their styles here!
And also just styles that I see all around when I have a camera on me. And enough courage to randomly approach people in the street and tell them how cool they are.

I really love collections like The Sartorialist because it gives you a bit of insight into people's lives and styles all around the world. In this case though, most people that I photograph, I have called a few days before so they make sure they put on their best outfit! (I assume).

Anthony is a first year fashion design student (I think). This photo was taken a while ago, but I can safely say he was up there with the most stylish people in the country town that I lived in.
He's wearing red Converse, a vintage t-shirt and pants decorated by himself.

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