Monday, March 22, 2010

I probably should post some photos that I've taken recently, eh?! That's the deal with a photography blog isn't it?

This is Edana. We found a field of yellow flowers and all played it in :)

And Amelia. Amelia loves 500 days of summer and the Frankie Photo Album. I love viney leaf thingys. So it all came together wonderfully.

What do you love?

P.s. I love fruit and nuts. I feel like some sort of ancient gathering woman when I eat them. Except I bought these from the super market and the packet was open when I got them out at home. Hmm. Not poisoned yet.


Dhu said...

I really love the top picture, pictures taken in fields always make me smile. I love your use of natural light.

GraceJ said...

Thankyou! Yeah it's pretty much all I have due to my financial situation haha. I do love fields