Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It makes me crazy when you talk. like. that.

Okay, so I really need to work on my poses. I guess that’s what this is all about isn’t it - learning?
I have to say I do feel ridiculously uncomfortable trying to pose and then uploading pictures of me trying... but oh well.

This one I wasn’t able to be quite as particular photographically because I didn’t take my tripod out and I was resting the camera on my car – and there were people giving me strange looks!

Also, I know you’re not supposed to wear horizontal stripes unless you want to look fat, but... oh well!

Dress: Dotti, $60
Tights: I think I ‘borrowed’ these from Rosemary
Shoes: Kmart, $20
Jacket: Glassons (I think) $70
Necklace: Gift from Rosemary from eQuip (I love it! It actually moves, like a real rubix cube!)
Glasses: Kmart, $20 (I popped the lenses out back when the clear Elvis Costello glasses were just getting cool!)


In other news...

It’s almost 4-day-weekend time! Whooppeee! My plans for the weekend consist of spending time with my sister, getting tipsy with two of my best girl friends, going to an Egyptian themed party and catching up with some friends that are home from Uni! Very exciting I think.

Hopefully I’ll get some time to try some new outfits and take good photos of them, we’ll see how it goes.

What’s everyone doing for Easter?


This is Lindy. I don't want to sound too full of envy, but she's just so darn beautiful and cool that it makes me cry a little inside.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have a lot of photos of people from the area that I live in, so I'm going to start showcasing them and their styles here!
And also just styles that I see all around when I have a camera on me. And enough courage to randomly approach people in the street and tell them how cool they are.

I really love collections like The Sartorialist because it gives you a bit of insight into people's lives and styles all around the world. In this case though, most people that I photograph, I have called a few days before so they make sure they put on their best outfit! (I assume).

Anthony is a first year fashion design student (I think). This photo was taken a while ago, but I can safely say he was up there with the most stylish people in the country town that I lived in.
He's wearing red Converse, a vintage t-shirt and pants decorated by himself.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in my backpack?!

So seeing as I don’t have anything shoots to show today, I thought I would do one of the ‘what’s in my hand bag’ posts. But I have a backpack. Why do I have a backpack? You say. Well I usually have a handbag but I got this cute backpack recently and it’s just so dang convenient! So I’m bringing the backpack back. With help from my friend Georgie.

Also, I couldn’t lay it all out in one big thing for... various reasons. So I’ve taken several shots, for fun! Woo!

Let’s begin.

Sugarbaby lipgloss that I bought on sale from Myer yesterday. It’s one of those ‘super pout’ ones where it like... has an irritant in it and makes your lips swell up and hurts. Haha. Am I selling it to you well?

My phone. I looked for a photo to put on the background and decided on this, seeing as it’s a picture of my pulling an ‘annoyed’ face because of my disappointment with the movie ‘Adventureland’. I sent it as an mms to my friend, I don’t just document all my feelings about everything. Okay, so maybe I do.

My pretty wallet. Sooo pretty. I would tell you what brand but I can’t remember and can’t find the tag. But it’s wonderful.

My keys. ... not particularly exciting.

 DRY SHAMPOO! So good. And it's mini..

Stink-remover. This deodorant smells soooo goood. It’s Impulse, City Collection, New York. I would be very surprised if New York smelt like this.

Writing book. My friend Kristen has just moved 6 hours away, so we’ve decided to do one of those good old ‘letter books’. Remember them from high school? I had them all the time, and decided to bring back the letter book.
Excuse the shoddy photoshopping on this. It wasn't until I uploaded the photo on Picnik that I realised there was some... err... confidential information on there. And thus had to blur it out with the crappy blurring thing they have on there.
Other than the blurring thing though, Picnik is greeeaatt!

Hollywood Light Up Mirror. I bought this yesterday too. It lights up!!!

Pretty ‘Theme’ tag. My Lancaster dress in a below post came with this tag with a button inside. It’s so pretty, it’s an envelope. Sigh.

BEST GIFT EVAR! This is a flip book my sister gave me for Christmas once. I found it and was so excited by it that I put it in my bag.
Excuse the chocolate. I have a problem.

Inspirational quotey. My dad gave me a ‘Wisdom of the East’ calender for Christmas which I love. This is one I liked a lot, so I put it in my bag for some reason.

Loose coins. That’s right, I’m rich.

Herbal conditioner. Not quite sure why this is in my bag...
Purple beanie/beret. Winter’s coming!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life!

P.S. I'm using this new blog composer editer thing, is anyone else having a bit of dissculty with spacing? I am! But I'm sure I'll learn.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can recall our Caravel

I'm really, really happy with this shoot. I've been trying to achieve that 'dreamy' effect for a while now and I feel like this is a bit closer!

I've known what they key is (to shoot at sunrise or sunset) but sometimes the conditions aren't right.

I was taking photos with Georgie for a while before we finally found these yellow flowers. How amazing are they?! And they just went so well with her stripey dress.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I wore

So I finally took some (acceptable) self portraits yesterday! Go me! Haha, be gentle - but I am quite proud of myself for getting them vaguely in focus with alright composition. It's just so tiring!

Dress: Lancaster dress, $70,
Hat: Swonderful NZ, $40 (it came with the most beautiful piece of fabric to wrap around and I lost it on the streets of Wellington! I was so upset, so I spent $200 to make myself feel better. Oops. Anywho, I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet!)
Boots: Miss Shop $90

This little alleyway is in the middle of the town I live in, and I just love it to bits! I'll post another photo of a girl that I've taken in it before later on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I probably should post some photos that I've taken recently, eh?! That's the deal with a photography blog isn't it?

This is Edana. We found a field of yellow flowers and all played it in :)

And Amelia. Amelia loves 500 days of summer and the Frankie Photo Album. I love viney leaf thingys. So it all came together wonderfully.

What do you love?

P.s. I love fruit and nuts. I feel like some sort of ancient gathering woman when I eat them. Except I bought these from the super market and the packet was open when I got them out at home. Hmm. Not poisoned yet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I know I'm supposed to be a photo blogger, but it's time for a rant.

Today I went to a Senior's Week event for the paper called 'Midday Melodies' where a band called the 'Howie Brothers' entertained a room packed with mostly seniors. The event was a two course lunch with entertainment, and everyone was sitting eating their bread rolls etc.

The first song had only just started when an adorable old couple got up, took the dancefloor, and started waltzing around the room. A song or two later another couple joined in, and the four of them all had a blast doing their old timey dances.

Now, I don't know if it's just because I've been watching a lot of Ally McBeal lately - but it just made me think. Why don't us 'young people' do that anymore?

The only times it's been acceptable for me to ballroom dance with someone is when myself and everyone around is sloshed, and even then we get weird looks.

I don't even need to ballroom dance, but when I go to a pub or a club the only partner dancing I see is two people rubbing themselves up against each other.

Maybe I'm just getting sick of being a adolscent or young adult. It's all 'lulz' and judgements on each other.

People have to get drunk to do what they actually want to do, because if you're sober then you're 'a loser' but if you're drunk then you're 'such a funny drunk'.

I don't know, if a person wants to do something and they're not hurting anyone in doing it then I think that's pretty cool myself.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Let's have a photo.

I took this at the same time as the bubble and peg picture I took. I think I was just proud of myself for getting it in focus.

P.S. I've decided to learn how to roller skate and to a lesser extend, use a skateboard.

... I'll post pictures of the injuries as they come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wooden pegs make me smile.
So do these bubbles!
And I also enjoy rain.
And my 50mm f1.8 lense

I enjoy many things

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I'm wearing

So I decided to try this 'what I wore' thing, but considering my outfit isn't particularly exciting today, I'm just going with a small portion of what I wore!

I put on this mini black dress for work today and decided to dress it up a little with a string of pearls. Fake pearls, that is. I don't even know who's they are I just found them in my house. They're probably Rosemary's.

Hanli and rain

Just some more photos from my photo shoot with Hanli on the weekend. I like these ones a lot.
It had been raining all day and not only did that make the pavement nice and shiny, but this wooden gate has some very interesting light and dark pathces a long it.

I was trying to get a few more candid shots, but keep it with that 'fashioney' feel. Not sure how that went, but oh well! I like them none the less.

Feel free to tell me what you think!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What I wore

I'm considering starting to do an occasional 'what I wore' post on this blog. Only problem is I work 5 days a week and I can't exactly fashion myself up like I would like to, seeing as I have to be kind of practical.

Hence why it would be an occasional 'what I wore' to encourage myself to actually try a bit with my clothes when I can!

In other news, I recently took Hanli to one of my photography 'hang outs' where she was sure to inform me that it looked very much like a zombie wasteland.

Kind of freaked out by it now.

It doesn't help when doors in the asbestos-ey building keep on opening and closing randomly. Argh!

Clothes I'm drooling over

So I know this is a photo blog. But considering I officially have 1 follower (yay!) I decided no one would be that mad if I rambled off on a different topic.
I've been online shopping addicted at the moment, and I'm loving these vintage shops I'm finding on Etsy. Check out this one,Sally Jane Vintage and join me in drooling over this leather vintage jacket that's only US$42.

If only it would fit me. Instead I'm encouraging others to bask in it's glory.